Sweet guy never let you down
Silent but not all the time and He has a dark side
Scaredy-cat but more braver then others
Smart knows how to get out of situations
Has A lot of Secret
Gerald seem like a cool guy.
by Mike love March 03, 2015

A very long cylindrical ash hangs off the end of a blunt, causing it to resemble Gerald from the nickelodeon TV show Hey Arnold!
Frank: "Yo man, you might wanna ash that B&M... It's starting to Gerald."

Dave: "Oh shit, good call. I'm high."
by Herb Crowbasket March 25, 2014
A unit of measure
It is colder than 10000 Geralds out here.
It is hotter than Gerald out here.
by Gerald10000 March 09, 2011
A male, usually fat and smelly pretending to be a woman on the internet.
"Dude, I think that chick is actually a Gerald."
by Lacaric October 31, 2013
1.A weird person who occasionally make's gay joke's about himself and other's.
2.To be sexually aroused
Man i have a raging Gerald right now.
by phil cakes August 07, 2011
When the ash on your blunt/joint/cigarette gets so long that it looks like Gerald's hair from Hey Arnold.
"Yo bro, ash that Gerald!"
by ThatArielleChick September 25, 2011
The strong silent type. Very muchly of Cuban descent. Holds the universe together in his bare hands. His only weakness is water that is not deemed pure by The magical unicorn fairies of angels of God. He can be a homicidal maniac and will fuck you up. you're only warning is if he bursts into rapid fire spanish. you can run, but you won't run far because he will create a crater and it will suck your soul from yo' body!
Guy 1: F*** YOU GERALD!!!
Guy 2: dude shut the hell up! do you wanna be sucked into a soul sucking crater???
Guy 1: oh my gawd it's true...
Gerald: Voy a pisar el patio de su cuerpo que culo agujero!!!
Guy 2: don't try to run....
Guy 1: Nooooooooooo-------
Gerald: mmmmm sooooouuullllssss....
by FreeSnickers October 06, 2011
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