1. Can be used as a general term for any male individual.
2. A punk ass, bitch.
3. Kevin Divito.
1. "Yo, that Gerald wants to buy some dimes".
2. "Look as this Gerald trying to step up on some game".
3. "Sup, Gerald"?
by GeraldGarcia October 12, 2010
when the ash on your blunt, joint, or cigarette piles up so high that it looks like Gerald's hair from "Hey Arnold!".
Jim: Yo dude you might wanna ash soon. Your blunt is geralding hard.


Stacy: The gerald on my cig was so high, it fell all over my pants.
by nastyvibrations July 15, 2011
in port dover, Canada "gerald" is an insult just as much as you'd call someone fucktard.
gin: why do those people hang out in the park all day and all night?

Coco: because they are all geralds.
by Luluglutzz September 06, 2007
Another name for marijuana.
"Are you gonna hang out with Gerald over the weekend?"

"I hang out wit Gerald everyday...I'm broke"
by (zach) July 04, 2007
A man that wears a white t-shirt with every out fit that he has. He also carries a football, like a security blanket. Also, known to wear ray bans and pretends to be "Maverick" from Top Gun.
A man named Gerald wearing ray bans during the winter and cowboy boots.
by gunslinger123456 February 03, 2010
A member of the English middle-class, prone to wearing knit-wear over the shoulders. A Gerald will typically have wispy hair, and can commonly be found wearing pink or pale blue shirts, often short-sleeved.
It is usual for a Gerald to wear a scarf at any given time of the year. A Gerald typically drives a soft-top (convertable) sports car - such as an Audi TT.
A Gerald might be found sitting outside a coffee shop, wearing shades atop of his head to cover his receding hairline.
by A.Sorrentino November 13, 2007

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