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n. Any of the genre of prescription drugs (e.g. Cialis, Viagra, Levitra, et. al.) designed to give old men erections.
Didja see the grin on that had-squader? Musta taken his geezer pleezer and jammed the blue hair last night.
by SnarkyRedhead February 20, 2005
a ual stimulant for old people, i.e. viagra, cialis, etc.
the old fart took his geezer pleezer and rode his wife all night long.
by Militant Liberal March 19, 2005
a wannabe geezer. someone who goes to all lengths to impress their geezerfied homies.
'your ugly sister is a geezer pleaser. its bad enough her being so ugly.'
by MC Boonge August 13, 2003