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A woman who dates and or marries an older men. Usually for the security (financial or other) an older man can provide.
Yo....Donalds wife is a real geezer pleaser...she only loves him for his money.

Isn't that cute....Hilary really loves Eric...and I thought she was just being a geezer pleaser.
by Mr. Crumby February 10, 2006
A younger woman who carries on with an older man.
Gawd I can't believe Ronda. That fossil has to be sixty and she's twenty four. What a geezer pleaser!
by helmetshortbus September 21, 2010
One who satisfies the elderlys sexual needs
This guy I know is a huge geezer pleaser, He trolls the nurseing homes.
by FlemNasty July 03, 2013
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