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n. Any of the genre of prescription drugs (e.g. Cialis, Viagra, Levitra, et. al.) designed to give old men erections.
Didja see the grin on that had-squader? Musta taken his geezer pleezer and jammed the blue hair last night.
by SnarkyRedhead February 20, 2005
A female driver with so many kids in the minivan, she can't remember whether or not she buckled all of them in. Thus, she would rather inflict her sub-speed limit driving on the rest of society than do her errands when the kids are in school. She generally waits until rush hour to pack her vehicle with rowdy, screaming kids then drives absentmindedly and distractedly through suburbia.
I ended up following Sally Safety from the bank, to the Mickey-Dees, and finally to the gas station where I wanted to suggest that sterlization might improve her driving skills....
by SnarkyRedhead February 20, 2005
An elderly male who wears a hat when going out in public. An elderly females who wears a guazy scarf over her head. The headwear is not removed in the automobile and is clearly visible while tailgating because you're already at least 10 miles below the federally mandated speed limit. Often times the visible hat is the only clue the said slow vehicle is actually occupied, and may be accompanied by white knuckles at approximately ear level.
I could've been here 20 minutes ago, but I got stuck behind some hatsquader doing 30 in a 55...and I couldn't pass!
by SnarkyRedhead February 20, 2005

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