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A condition that appears when one is high as hell on Methamphetamine.It usually peaks after being high and awake for two or more days. Much like OCD but drug induced the subject will become intensly focused on tasks such as cleaning, organizing and reorganizing their belongings, "fixing things" that are not broken,and masterbating to pornography.Sometimes these tasks will take place simultaneously and continue for days. The geetered party will move around quickly from project to project in a back and forth jerky motion much like a chicken pecking in a barnyard sometimes talking to themselves or making strange clucking/whistling noises. The condtion is not permanent and can be reversed with a nap, a meal and a few days rest.
You can always tell when my neighbor Ray Ray is geetered. He wears a head lamp and a tool belt with a propane torch, tools, a copy of hustler and a bottle of sex lube in it around the house.
by Rock Cystianson January 31, 2009
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