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Quadrupedded mammal living in central and western Europe that feeds on the intestines of subhuman rodents who publish stupid shit about it on the Internet.
Oh, there's a Geef. It's a big one. Quick, let's run back to our rich parents and hide forever because it looks angry.
by Tara Tanktop May 29, 2009
1. Slavic deity; 2. Polish goddess of cruel revenge;

Related to other mythological figures known as avengers of injustice.

Known to strike mortal fear into the heart of the cowardly backstabber before killing with utter ferocity.

Archenemy of the gaelic demigod Rumoron.

Rumoron holds an eternal grudge against Geef, because she once denied him entrance to the cirlce of supreme beings by forcing him to contemplate his reflection in her mirror of truth which shows the true nature of the one reflected in it.

After Rumoron recovered from the terrible experience of self-awareness he swore revenge. Since he only posseses inferior powers, he commenced carrying out his vendetta by spreading evil lies about Geef among all the mortals who would listen.

When Geef finally noticed the vile creature's machinations, she punished without mercy and reduced him to a mortal.
Ever since this day Rumoron haunts the shadows of 'lonely land' (polish equivalent of the tartarus, best described as a horrid twilightzone between hell and the real world), spending all his time on trying to get ignorant humans to listen to his lies to compensate his lack of love and self esteem.
--Someone is spreading these terrible lies about me at school and I don't know who it is.

--Pray to Geef for revenge and wait who of your "mates" meets with an inexplicable, terrible accident in the near future, than you'll know.
by Tony Montana Phd May 30, 2009
The expulsion of air from the anus during homosexual anal sex.
I was pounding him up the poop shoot, and he let out a nasty geef.
by sxdavey January 10, 2012
The plural of goof. (More than one goof in a group, or within close proximity of eachother)
"Yo, they givin away free kids at this bar? Peep the geef!"

"I think Ed Hardy shirts are for geef"

"Wanna check that new electro club out?"
"Nah, heard it was just a flock of geef"
by Shanktoof September 30, 2011
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