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someone from Charleston S.C.,who speaks a mixture of slang and gullah often confussed with a carribean accent.
I goin to da sto.
I am going to the store.

I'ain kno how dat ding happen righ dah.
I do not know what happened over there.
by tash January 14, 2004
geech is uncle meryl's smell hound
"geech don gone to heavn mr. teewilliger!"
by the.all.mighty.cone August 28, 2003
Geech: (Noun, Adverb, Adjective) A dead hooker found in the trunk of a senators car; To be Geeched: to be a dead hooker in a senators car.

- "Stop being a geech"

- "Stop geeching it up"

- "Oh look at that geech" meaning, "loot at that dead hooker in the senators car"
#senator #dirty #word #banned #congressman #trunk #dead #hooker
by Michael Lee 85 December 04, 2007
The fleshy,sensitive space between your sack and your asshole. Also called taint or gooch.
Lick my geech baby!!
by Wyatt b quiet November 17, 2003
a pervert, or a mix of a bitch and a geek/pervert
that motherfucker I know who learned to play bass guitar in order to convince 13 year olds to have sex is a fucking geech
#pervert #motherfucker #piece of shit #some who puts their finger in their ass and snags a bunch of shit with it to eat #some perverted bass player who want's to be raped by a big hairy man while watching kiddie porn
by someassholethatdoesn'tcare May 29, 2008
To leave.
We gotta geech cuz we's gots' deez mommies waitin at da cut.
#bounce #dip #jet #roll #scoot #make like a tree...
by the dylio May 12, 2010
Geech is the plural word for Gooch, which is the area between your anus and scrotum.
"Oh man, look at the flock of geech!"
"Man, you have two geech."
#gooch #grundle #tatum #squanch #taint
by Sasquanch October 20, 2006
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