geek (noun or verb)
I geeb out when I find a new Target store.
by frances September 15, 2003
similar to geek, but lacking in the intellectual faculties of the geek. someone who is weird, odd, different, happy about it, and *thinks* they are being smart and/or cool while doing it.
"what a geeb." (short and to the point.) said in response to a failed attempt at humor/insult, in which only said geeb is laughing at his own joke.
by steve k. September 29, 2003
seminal fluid left a puddle of geeb in the shower and now there are ants eating it...
#ejaculate #cum #jizm #geebe #nanda
by Peter O'Reemis October 29, 2010
Another word for when someone is being grouchy or having attitude.
Don't be Geeb.
#grouch #poop #buttface #lame #poopface
by wie of a geeb March 27, 2010
slan term of the website gamebattles
geebs is being really slow.
gamebattles is being really slow
#game battles #geebs #slow #really #being
by jstevo December 26, 2009
The term used for the gesture thrown in the Circle Game.
I don't want to look at that Geeb
#geeb #circle hand game #look #get punched #a-ok
by Mr. Dixon C May 02, 2008
n. The coolest of the cool; the raddest of the rad; the creme de la creme; the ultimate one; there is none cooler than this one
What a geeb! I wish I could be more like her!
#creme de la creme #best #highest #coolest #ultimate #almighty
by Mayor Byron June 23, 2006
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