A Gay Boy. A 'GB'. A Gee-Bee. A Geeb.
That lad is so gay you can smell the cum on his breath. What a Geeb!
by GeeB September 10, 2008
when your a chick and you get 15 dildos in the ass, pussy, and mouth at the same time, from two different guys.
That chick cried when we gave her geebs last night.
by Richard June 26, 2004
a pitcher with a 2 or 1 1/2 liter bottle in it add water and uve got urself a geeb. best way and the only way to blaze good headi nug. also known as a gravity bong
BIG DAVE: pack me out a geeb of that cali!
BIG JALBZ: nah yo im not baking u down!
BIG DYL: can i get one please?
by Biig dave February 04, 2008
Slimy, oily, messy "stuff". Like super thick, ten-year-old motor oil, or slime.
I found a hundred dollar bill in the trash but it was covered with geeb.
by Mike July 09, 2003
To take or be high on the drug(s) GHB or GBL. Pronounced with a hard G, like germinate or google.
Emily was geebing really hard when she coma'd out and pissed herself.

Shall we geeb?

Emily and I only fuck when we geeb.
by chlo3 May 26, 2007
Anything and everything. Like stuff.
Sean says, "I like Geeburgers and geeballs."

Geeboff mofo
by Cazbgot April 07, 2003

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