Similar to Soulja Up! and Battle Up! A word established by the same individual, "The Heretic Assassin" meaning

1. To Soulja Up! Battle Up! GEAR UP!!

2. To be Gee'd Up, Preserve and Conserve You Cut Throat, Rigid, Rough around the Edges, Masculine Dominant Behavior.
Say La' Round, Gee Up! Ya dig? Preserve Your Sexist Behavior man. Let these women know, who's the Dominant Apparatus in the Castle. IT'S YOU!!
by The Saint from The 4 February 21, 2011
Top Definition
Greeting between male friends from Hartlepool. The closer the friends, the more exaggerated the greeting. Can sometimes be heard without the leading G and consequently, reduced to a single syllable. When the exaggerated form is used the communicators face is deliberately twisted into a contorted mess.

The Gee, if used is, pronounced the same as Indian clarified butter.
Tom: Gee-up mate

Brian: Gee-up Tom

Tom: Geeeeee-up Joe.

Joe: Uuueeeeeeeeeerp gadge.
by growlerj December 31, 2012
To abruptly become angered. Usually resulting in a demonstration to pose ones masculinity to an opponent.
Jacob geed-up.
Jacob gees-up.
Jacob is a gee-up.
by qwertyasdfgplmko January 06, 2014
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