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2 definitions by growlerj

Greeting between male friends from Hartlepool. The closer the friends, the more exaggerated the greeting. Can sometimes be heard without the leading G and consequently, reduced to a single syllable. When the exaggerated form is used the communicators face is deliberately twisted into a contorted mess.

The Gee, if used is, pronounced the same as Indian clarified butter.
Tom: Gee-up mate

Brian: Gee-up Tom

Tom: Geeeeee-up Joe.

Joe: Uuueeeeeeeeeerp gadge.
by growlerj December 31, 2012
Pseudo cockney rhyming slang for hemorrhoids. Short for Farmer Giles.
Tom: My farmers were giving me some jip this morning.

Bill: Serves you right, you rarf, you shouldn't have had the indyboo after 14 pints of lager.
by growlerj December 31, 2012