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usually said to a friend or short for gadgy, a man.
" awright gadge"?....or "run theres a gadgy comin!"
by berwicka May 30, 2003
Gadge, Gadgie
Scottish term. A minging person, schemie.
"Fuckin hell Andy, check that gadgie cunt over there"
by saskia January 04, 2004
aw fuck, check oot that pure wee cunt wi the burberry cap and the le coq sportif tracksuit on and the bottol o bucky, dowie's a right fuckin gadge
When describing seeing a gadge in the street, most likely london road in glasgow
by Absolute pure gedge man March 19, 2004
A name for the ship between Gale Hawthorn and Madge Undersee in The Hunger Games novels. It is implied in Catching Fire that Madge has a crush on Gale, but she dies in the District 12 bombing.
I ship Gadge
by Idkjustsomestuff January 10, 2015
A gadget, used to refer to someone whos name is not known!
"Hey up...who's that gadge?"
"Think he's called Andrew"
by Ceeeeeeeeej December 19, 2007
in the west midlands, growing up in the seventies, gadge was used as a slang term for vagina
She loves a finger up her gadge
by blackcountrydialect February 04, 2011
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