A level of gayness so high that it must be striven for, not simply be happened upon. In fact, should you achieve this level of homosexuality, even full blown gays will be apalled at your display.
Richard simmons is gee.
Ohio State University is gee
Canada is gee.

understanding the trend here?
by Jive Turkey April 19, 2005
gees is another word for chicks
1.look at dem Gees there so fine
2.where did all the sexy gees go
by Andrew De Sousa September 24, 2006
A word to describe someone who is bein' GEE!
"Man, Michael May is so lame. He is bein' GEE!"
by Sean Nollen September 07, 2006
Used as a noun, when you've listened to Gee- Girls Generation too many times. Also, when you've watched mychonny's Angry Asian Parents on Youtube too often.
Person 1HJ: Sup gee?
Person 2CL: N2m mang.
by Truongod July 28, 2009
Noun. a person acting nonsensical and stupid

the act of scaring cats away

a song by the Korean girl pop group "Girls Generation"

Verb. acting in a way that makes someone or something look incredibly white
Look at the Gee trying to dance over there. He's such a geetard.


The GEE monster in Avatar was using this noise to attract mates. Many human beings do this also.

Look at Jared blaring rap music in his car. He's geeing it up so much right now.
by REBEWROCK June 22, 2011
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