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_. Often used in email addresses in place of a space between words.
mike: whats your email?
bob: bob underscore smith
by JoeyJoeJoeJr. Shabadoo February 04, 2007
Often referring to a woman's private area also known as the beaver, roast beef curtains, or the muff.
It was at least 100 degrees that hot summer night, so she thought she would dip her underscore in the cool lake water.
by kkggirl December 17, 2007
It's that line you use that goes below the letters. You probably only use it for emojis, but it is also used in place of a space

by Leon Rhinehart January 04, 2015
not quite the same as score, but just underneath.
Not the best outcome but the second best.
James: i came second in a race today.
Bobbie: Underscore

Oliver: i had sex with the miss universe runner up lastnight.
James: Underscore
by BobbieDigital May 19, 2008
Something completely overused in usernames for Instagram or Twitter when the username you already had in mind is taken.
Drew- drewsmith2500 is already taken...I'll just use some underscores... drew_smith_25_00...yep, that'll work!!!
by not_mainstream March 12, 2014
swiping the underwear of someone who removed them when you just had sex with them
after we got it on, i underscored his hot sweaty briefs and he had to run off commando
by underfreek November 11, 2007
The best up and coming hip-hop duo you've ever heard.
Chad Grove. Hooded Bomber. Underscore. Get Familiar.
by Scooter March 04, 2007
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