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Meaning a Homosexual man who is loud and proud. Often seen bounding around in a group of "Gayzers".
Enjoy's the thrill of being easily offended. Often overtly confrontational and/or flirtatious.
Like the British term Geezer for a male with abounding street confidence and swagger.
"I can't hear myself think over that table of Gayzers!"
by Ryan Mabe February 27, 2008
nickname for the lazer in Halo 3. possibly the worst weapon ever created ever in anything ever created.
Man, they have the gayzer in the bitch spot. Someone kill that ho.
by Pseudo Intellectuals February 11, 2008
When someone of a certain sex looks at someone else of that same sex with intent.
Take a picture ya gayzer.
by ivan February 13, 2004

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