Top Definition
A term used to describe a guitar in which is played by a total homosexual.
Jimmy was so gay he worked at Abercrombie and played the gaytar in a band with his gay buddies.
That guy was so emo, I hate emo fags, he should get down from the stage and we'll beat him down with his own gaytar.
by natedogg213 August 10, 2008
an instrument used by homosexuals that looks like a guitar
"yo check out this guy, hes playing a gaytar"
by jaybird101 April 17, 2010
A guitar which makes its player appear homosexual, regardless of whether or not they actually are.

This is a gaytar.
by Jeedoh Plankus April 22, 2009
Device used when playing Guitar Hero.
Gaytar is a device with 4 colored buttons and a flip tab that you flick when listening to the music.
by straight guitar player December 31, 2008

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