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An act between two heterosexual males in which the goal is to perform the gayest act towards each other for the longest amount of time. At the end of the act, the word GAAAAAYMES! must be uttered to prove the heterosexuality of contestants.

This game was introduced by my "gay" cousins in California, and made popular in Baltimore.
Mr. Atallah stroked Kevin's knee and yelled GAYMES, so Kevin re-Gaymed back him by touching his penis. Kevin is the greatest gaymer known to heterosexual man.
by S. Indian Elephant January 18, 2009
A really lame video game. Especially effective when dogging some fanboy's game collection.
The nintendo Wii is well known for the lameness of its gaymes.

I bet you really get a woody playing all those gaymes, dude!

Oh wow, man! That is just about the koolest gayme I've ever seen!
by Sandpir8 March 16, 2010
Skills; ability to pick up dudes, in a gay way.
Girlfriend, you got gayme!
by Mikey June 27, 2003
something that is gay AND lame.
damnnn, Nina is so gayme.
by ungrateful slut August 13, 2006
A gay guy who often has sex with ten guys at once. Gaymes always walks in on a joke that he didn't even hear and he starts laughing and it pisses me off. Also, he does the leg thing all the time.
Little help, Gaymes?
by Keith G July 27, 2004
1.Very lame game/activity. Often used when putting down such an activity.
2. Also used when referring to a professional sport when your favorite team lost.
1. Man, I don't wanna play hungry hungry hippos. I hate that gayme.
2. Dude did you see the Leafs and the Sens gayme!? What's up wit dat sheeit?
by Big Toker April 14, 2003
A guy who gets girls by knowing his own feelings and being able to sympathize with girls and their problems. Also being able to see from a girls point of view, sometimes guys with a lot of gayme look from the point of view of a girl so much that they don't get why they do things girls think are "evil" and "insensetive".

Gayme is usually pronounced gaaaaaayme with the a stretched.
person1: Look at that dumbass over there talking to that girl and crying on her shoulder, he has gayme.

person2: yeah, what a loser.
by thesmartone March 31, 2007

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