A GAYLORD, Lord of the Gays, is the Supreme, Ultimate, High Ruler of all kingdoms of Gay, Homo, Queer, Trans, Fag, Dyke and Lez.

The true definition of Gaylord is in fact a supreme compliment, exalting in humble honor, the pansy-licious ruler's reign from the highest heights of rainbow-unicorn, magic-fairy, candyland!
"Hey Girl, Heyyy!"

"Oh hey you big Gaylord! what an honour! May i be eternally blessed by your inexpressibly gay beneficence, my lord."

"you may, girl heyyy!"
by manfriend September 17, 2008
one of the foremost terms of vilification used in verbal deadlock, can only be vanquished by the phrase "fuck you".
"no problem...GAYLORD"
"Oh fuck me? yeah? uh...GAYLORD"
by gloriasandwich July 28, 2005
Gay lord, or gaylord as it is more commonly know is someone with persieved male homosexual tendancies and/or it is an insult that is best served between the ages of 8 and 15 for it's full pain to sting. In later life it is more of a humorous thing to say in a retrospective 'it's all right' kind of way.
Stop that you gaylord or when the teacher go's we're going to smack you.

That was a rubbish throw you 'gaylord'
by Dan December 29, 2003
Grand Avenue Young Lords | a Chicago street gang that started in the area of Grand and Noble streets in the early 1950s.
The Gaylords wear black and blue, or black and gray.
by Joe Barry August 13, 2003
Also known as Almighty Gaylord's, Almighty Gaylord Nation and the Chicago Gaylord's. The Gaylord's are the oldest largest White street gang located in the City of Chicago.
The Chicago Gaylords live in Logan Square.
by Pacman712 August 04, 2007
A standard size cardboard container (48" x 40" x 36") which fits perfectly on a standard pallet.
We need another Gaylord of resin brought to the machine.
by A. aber December 28, 2007
A city in Michigan. Home of the Gaylord Blue Devils.
I passed through Gaylord last summer to get to Mackinac island.
by Chris C??? September 03, 2007
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