The Lord of the gays
"Oh man he's a gay lord"
"I know right he's great"
by the_rooftop_ninja December 04, 2015
The most unfortunate name ever.
I feel so bad for Gaylord. His parents must have hated him.
by 42answer June 05, 2014
1. A first name, usually for a boy

2. A homophobic insult
1. The most famous man named Gaylord is probably Gaylord Perry.

2. Poor Gaylord Perry, his name has "evolved" into an insult.
by Zumi July 18, 2010
British slang for a strongly homosexual male, usually one who suggests their homosexuality through their mannerisms, voice, appearance etc. Combination of the words "gay and "lord". It is a source of amusement to the English that in America a gaylord is a large cardboard box which takes its name from the Gaylord Container Corporation.
Look at the guy's pink shirt and earring. What a gaylord!
by kryptonpirate May 14, 2005
1-A small city in Michigan, Nickname: The Alpine Village.
2-A name. Damn, who is that crazy to name a child "Gaylord?" If i meet the dads of the child named "Gaylord" i would beat them up. C'mon, Gaylord?
3-The ultimate insult, can't be beat by another gay insult; used to make stupid people shut up.
Jeff:Drake, why don't you invite Shaw for a date? She is the most beauty girl in the college, and she likes you. If you don't like her, you are a big gaylord.
Drake: Hmm.. Um... I don't like her! She is a whore without fashion style!
Shaw: EWWW, i wanted to date a gaylord!
by TheUltimateUrbanCanadian June 06, 2014
The ultimate insult to a person. Funnier if told to a gay guy or a jack
Amy: who's that?
Bob: that's the Gaylord
by 249)(3;,!8 October 28, 2012
1)The Name of one of the first indian resturants in London serving dishes created specially for the Maharajas, Nawabs and the elite of Erstwhile North Indian states. Can be confused with 2&3 below with devistating results.

2) Acting gay or gay like.

3) The highes insult given to a non gay man
1 -
bob : Jeez I'm hank marvin !!
mkie: Ok, lets av this beer and nip round to the gaylords for a bit of spicy meat.
bob : No fag is gonna stick his meat in me. (Slap!) You gay lord!

2 -
burt: No way!! Thats two blokes kissing.
ike : Aye, pair of gaylords.

bitch: Call youself a man, you're a fuckin gay lord.
by oKeeFo September 16, 2008

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