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A card game with the sole intention of getting drunk. The number of players required is 2 and up. People mix themselves drinks (usually vodka+juice/sprite/coca etc.) and sit in a circle around a deck of cards. Players start pulling cards in a circle till the deck runs out. Then you start all over again. Every card has a specific meaning agreed upon before starting the game.

Some common rules are:
Queen: women drink (a sip)
King: guys drink
Ace: the taker picks who drinks
2: the taker + one other drinks
3,4,5: the taker + x others drink

Other common rules include bathroom card, "I went on a holiday and with me I packed..." (the loser drinks), a card that empowers the taker to make up a new rule (the more confusing the better) etc.
Example 1.
teener 1: "Hey there's a bottle of Katjusha her, anyone up for gaylord?"
teener 2: "Yaaay!"

Example 2.
Johnny was late for work the other day due to playing gaylord till early hours.
by Milli3434 January 28, 2010
1. A real faggot
2. A motherfucker
3. An unfortunate surname
4. Westerville North
"Westerville North? Total gaylords." -Jon Stewart, The Daily Show
by Motha Fucka Brotha August 04, 2008
One who is the lord of the gays. A loyal king like character in a gay land, usually used with the words "ends it" after saying gaylord. In the use of a burn or a diss to someone else.
John's a gaylord.
John's a gaylord, ends it. (Meaning there is no come back because you ended it)
by Mark Sabyan May 23, 2006
A dumb insult that asshole college bitches on facebook use to make themselves feel like "cool guys".

Used primarily by people who do not have enough brains to think up anything better.

Supposedly meaning "lord of gays" however, when used, it actually means that the person who is using said insult, is a closet homosexual and cannot admit it.
The Douche Fag thinks he is cool because he used the insult, gaylord however, he is actually upon further inspection, he himself appears to be the God king of the fanny bandits. AKA: the entire queer race as we know it.
by Helennizzle March 24, 2010
A group of young men acting in an excessively camp or homosexual manner. Ironically these men are often heterosexual and find acting this way amusing
- Have a look at those guys over there
- What a bunch of gaylords
by bigmikey September 21, 2005
1. Major homosexual, real cocksucker.
2. Usually older white guy, banging young boys.
3. An insult.
You Avrim , you fuckin gaylord, stop stealing from me
by fauxstar April 22, 2006