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A Gaylor is when you insert someone elses tooth brush into your ass, get some shit on it and leave it for them to brush.

A Gaylor can also be used sexually on your partner.
Dude, i was so pissed at mike i left him a smelly Gaylor

Baby will you give me a Gaylor?
by Ben Grimmes May 29, 2008
when someone named taylor is a huge fag
hey , are you a gaylor ?
by omgmynameistaylorandimafag December 10, 2010
noun; a young man who decides to have rare, sudden outbreaks of pure gaynes. These are seldom seen in person. Most of the acts occur within the gayboy's house, unable to be seen by their friends but when they are visible to said gaylor's friends, the friends have all the authority in the world to mock, imitate, or proceed to call the the faggy culprit a gaylor.

verb; gayloring or to gaylor: the act of committing gay sudden movements or motions. Some of these acts include fag-like faces, qweer head shakes, gay shrugging of the shoulders, and simply just really gay stupid noises
Sorry guys i really didnt think that you noticed my gayloring, i'll stop from now on
by footballking2727 March 22, 2011
An 18 year old alcohol loser who prides himself on his abilities to cheat on his girlfrind as many times as he can without getting caught.
" Woah look how many girls that guy is getting with "

" Doesn't that guy have a girlfriend "

" He is such a gaylor "
by brittany fontana August 10, 2008
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