A fucking beautiful, perfect, flawless human being who any girl would go gay for; an gorgeous fucking creature who can be shipped with every female character on Glee, and who every girl proudly ships with themselves.
Dianna Agron isn't gay, but she IS gay for me.
by jella44 October 26, 2011
Flawless human being known as Quinn Fabray on Fox TV Show "Glee", a popular cheerleader who accidentally got pregnant and gave birth to a baby girl during the first Season. She may hate Rachel Berry on-screen (played by Lea Michele) but they're soul-mates in real life.
Friend 1: Must be hard for Dianna Agron to shoot that slap scene with Lea on-screen.
Friend 2: Haven't you read her tweet last night? She didn't slapped Lea, Lea wanted to but Dianna Agron doesn't. Camera trick!
by faberrian December 22, 2011
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