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Gaycore is a new trend originating in Portland, OR, consisting of dance moves one might think a gay man might dance if he were in a hardcore pit. Those moves have circulated, thanks to an Internet Video on youtube known simply as Gaycore posted by burritoboy12, and features such moves as the drain pipe, the alaskan pipeline, double fisted fury, self service, the jerk stomp, and many more.
Miguel: "Dude, Craig was killin it out in the pit tonight"
Alex: "Yeah man, he totally knocked out that 12 year old with his jerk stomp"
Miguel: "His windwill-to-ass was freakin beautiful. I think i came"
Alex: "hahaha. oh shit. I love gaycore."
by hellavela December 06, 2008
A life style for those who are homosexual
yet are scenesters.The term comes from the original gay-edge like such bands as gayrilla biscuits and XlimpwristX but now not only edgers can be gay-core.
Those gay-core kids were doing the cocksmoker in the pit and hit a christian kid in the face.It looks like a face of with the jcXhc kids krew and GayAlley.
by ray of today February 09, 2005
Has Nothing to do with what these other assholes posted. The homosexual communitys response to punk/hardcore and the ultra homophobia in the scene. Such people who associate with this hard to describe scene usually, not always, are the excpeptions of the gay community. see:Queer-core.
Just because I am a gaycore skinead doesnt make me racist or any less gay!
by gay of today June 22, 2005
Extremely gay (something stupid or unfortunate); see gay. The etymology of the word is the blending of "gay" and "hardcore".
That movie is gaycore.
by Weston Ruter March 22, 2005
Kids who suck at "hardcore" dancing and make complete douches out of themselves.
"Ari is so gaycore its not even funny"
by xPAHCEDGEx February 11, 2009
combination of liking hardcore, and being gay (homosexual, faggot, flamer, cock-knocker, butt pirate, rump ranger, asshole pimp, queer, elton john, etc.....)
Mr Breeze sure is quite "gaycore."
by parker January 07, 2004
gayXcore refers to someone or something that is extremely uncool, gay (not in the homosexual sense), sucky etc. much like hardXcore kiddies.
haha your dancing is so gaycore,
or when my msn isn't working it is very gayXcore
by hybrxapples October 31, 2006
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