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jokin, or lyin
That Boy aint rich hes gassin you
by bakersman February 27, 2004
1. when someone is spittin fire, dope raps.

2. when you firing a weapon, usually an automatic weapon or a choppa

These are Bay Area definitions
You hear dat track by DB Tha General dat boy was gassin on dat bitch.

When I see dem niggas, ima start gassin fuck these niggas. All dem niggas finna get knocked down.
by GAS NATION January 10, 2010
this mean some 1 is chatin shit
i aint got no money

*stop gassin*
by B!GZ M@N & BLITZ KIZZLE August 24, 2006
Gassin means lying, possibly joking.
It has replaced the previous word air.
Why you gassin, you never boned her!
by Tili_____1 September 24, 2009
When your favorite song comes on and you stop what your doing and dance.
Jon: so how was your day sara? sara: shutup im Gassin
by loloolololollollollolooo July 11, 2011

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