Having an explosive, out of mind and body orgasm. The exclamation point should always be first and pronounced with a "tongue click"-gasm
After a day of texting naughty messages back and forth my spice make sure to give me a !gasm.
by tondalayashugundala February 07, 2010
A suffix that, when added to any word, describes a strong feeling of comfort, pleasure, or relief.

A suffix that, when added to any word, describes the sound one makes in association with a strong feeling of comfort, pleasure, or relief.
Stretch-gasm : The sound that one makes, or the feeling one gets after a good morning stretch.

Chair-gasm : The feeling that one gets when the leather recliner is kicked back and the back massager is on.

Yawn-gasm : The sound that one makes after a particularly satisfying yawn.
by Bill Dennis March 08, 2006
An orgasm you get from being on a roller coaster. Highly stimulated from being rocked around.
You're most likely to scream out "Yes!" several times when having a 'gasm.
by elephantluvr3 July 14, 2009
A suffix determining the sense of ecstasy and elation, bound within the subject of its root word. Not to be confused with people having his or her "mind blown."

-gasm can be used with any word and added after any pre-existing suffix of the root word (e.g., constructiongasm).
The TED Conference is like a nerdgasm for any professional in their field.

You just gave me a mindgasm!

by SmokyMirrors January 25, 2011
To orgasm without the "or" because there should never be an or linked to something so great.
That was so hot I could totally Gasm!
by Alliecat24 September 10, 2010
Exclamation or adjective used to describe something of incredible pleasure by referencing a sexual climax.
"I took one bite of that pizza and was like 'gasm!"
"That car is totally 'gasmic!"
by GodofCrabs December 29, 2005
Golden Apple Seed Mission, a Discordian project which needs assistance. Certain types of Discordian projects only work when they have tons of help. For example, on Jake Day, Discordians send anonymous weird letters to a business, and the effect increases the more letters it gets. The word GASM marks a project as "OOH! DO THIS! DO THIS!". A GASM is a part of OMGASM.
Be careful during project posterGASM. When putting up absurd or subversive posters, it's often best to keep a low profile.
by Professor Cramulus August 02, 2009
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