Whore loving man. Loves the easy sluts, enjoys being around them at parties and events of such. Doesnt treat woman right, absurdly stubborn.
Oh that gary always around the sluts.
#dirty #aids #whore #stupid #bitch
by beewitched May 01, 2011
Top Definition
A man who is incredibly sexy, but also funny. He tends to be a girl's dream guy. He's also really good in bed.
He is such a gary in bed.
#gary #sexy #boy #hot #yummy
by kalidorma March 07, 2009
An amazing,sweet,intelligent boyfriend.one who is always there for one and puts up with one when one is crabby.Gary is a hard worker. Gary knows that good things in life don't come for free.Gary has many goals that he would like to achieve. Gary doesn't let anything get to him.Gary is a fighter but also a lover.
#wonderful #fun #amazing #alyssa #adventerous
by <3=D July 21, 2009
1. a solid, caring person who is always available when needed most

2. a super-humanly strong boy

3. one who is dedicated to the happiness of others, often to the detriment of his own well-being

4. a very huggable individual
We all need a gary in our lives.
#chostein #awesome #superboyblue #sweet #loveable
by Annamontana February 03, 2010
The snail pet of the Sponge bob square pants. Gary is the underwater equivilant of a cat.
Oh no! Gary is missing!
#gary #lary #shary #barry #tarry
by Quathar November 24, 2005
he is a very awesome person and he is very tall and sexy just the best person on the planet
man Gary is awesome and sexy
#gary #sexy #the best on the plantet #awsome #person
by scorched archer May 07, 2010
A versatile word, generally used to describe the act of macking onto a woman. Can also be used to describe someone who is extremely flirtatious. Gary's can only be male. Origins: Berwick, Australia
Let's go Gary every girl at the bar tonight. You are such a Gary. Gary is my middle name Get your Gary on! Who are you garying this days? Mick invented garying, you know?
#macking #flirt #chat up #come on to #crack onto
by mosborn January 09, 2008
-Someone I'm in love with but could never have...
-Gives the best hugs
-The best looking guy in the world
-Someone with GREAT hair
Gary - **hug**
Girl - **Dies From How Awesome His Hugs Are**
#perfect #gary #hugs #generous #sexy
by Loveshugs November 19, 2011
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