a slang term for extasy
1. got any garies la?
2. can u get gary?
by bleach42 October 27, 2007
Gary is a mysterious man with unbelievably good looks. He is sweet and regal like his good buddy Ringo, the German Shepard. He can definitely get into his moods sometimes but its worth the wait to see him back to his amazing self. He's sexy in a reserved way which can make 'keeping your eyes to yourself', a very difficult task. His body is inked with beautiful works of art from head to toe and shows a piece of his expressive side. If he gets a chance to relax around you, you may see some of his own amazing artwork of all different medias. Every part of this great man is meant to be appreciated.
Did you see how gorgeous Gary is looking today?!
by ItsThatOneBitch October 18, 2013
Gary is Spongebob's pet in the show "Spongebob Squarepants". He doesn't talk, but says an odd "Meow". He's blue with a light and dark pink and purple shell with a swirl and polka dots. He hates baths, when Spongebob gets on his nerves, and being ignored.
"Gary come home!"
by Swimmylikessoap September 10, 2011
The name of Oprah's ass hole.
Oprah doesn't pay attention to her gary anymore.
by snorlaxftw February 05, 2011
A man that gives out free beers and doesn't charge interest
"Hey any free beers Gary"
by Pacodub May 04, 2015
The act of relentlessly stalking someone. Despite protests, rejections and legal limitations.

Another use is as a noun to describe stalker like behaviour
"That cat keep coming to our door, he's such a gary"
by Svetlana696 November 20, 2012
Loves the sound of his own voice, thinks he is the best looking man in the world and needs to be treated like a princess.
Being a Gary
by Sarahk March 14, 2014

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