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A term used by Mcdonalds crew to signal a hot chick at the counter
dude what time does Gary clock on?
i have to go downstairs to stock up for Gary
by derpFS May 16, 2010
Gary is a boy who loves wearing puffy shirts similar to those of William Shakespeare and is also a lover of feather ink pens.
Oh look Gary is wearing his puffy shirt again.
by Bwhahahaaa March 27, 2011
To avoid lying by saying something true, yet unrelated to the question asked.
Girlfriend: Where the hell have you been all night?
Boyfriend: Gary asked me to stop by his place for a beer.
Girlfriend: Oh, well come to bed, I've missed you.

Boyfriend was not at Gary's house, having a beer. He was elsewhere, doing things he doesn't what girlfriend to know about. However, Gary did, in fact, ask Boyfriend to stop by his house for a beer. Boyfriend declined the invitation. Boyfriend did not lie.

Daughter: Where's daddy?
Mother: Do you remember his friend, Bob? He's the guy who digs for gems in the mountains.
Daughter: Oh yeah! I remember him. What's for supper?

Daddy was not at Bob's. Daddy was in jail. Mother Gary'd Daughter. Mother did not lie.
by PepRox January 22, 2011
An inconsiderate, douchebag jerk
Often tricks girls into thinking they(him) are kind and the perfect guy to be with but turns out not to actually be
My boyfriend was a total Gary, so I broke up with him.
by Finnre14 July 28, 2011
Whore loving man. Loves the easy sluts, enjoys being around them at parties and events of such. Doesnt treat woman right, absurdly stubborn.
Oh that gary always around the sluts.
by beewitched May 01, 2011
Gary; advj to live out in the sticks ....and not give a shit
gary hasn't lost the plot yet..he still has that bald patch he has been sporting since 1986 that is pretty funkin cool..
by IAMPLOT October 20, 2010
A misspelling of the word GAYS that has turned into the actual word in order to avoid being reported or banned.
You're all a bunch of GARYS.
by Belazir June 06, 2009