1. to barely slip by something; a hidden act that was almost caught or an act that is unexpected. Used as 'to pull a gary'.

2. a name for a boy

Dude 1: I failed my test with a 69 today...
Dude 2: Haha, I passed with a 70, and I didn't even study.
Dude 1: Dam u, u pulled a gary.


Hey, Gary, what's up?
by sheesus June 04, 2009
nice guy. conservative but can also be liberal at the same time. Respects parents. Love of family and friends. Generous person to those who suffer. Religious. Male name given to guys born from the 1940's to 1990's. Gary is very smart. Outgoing. Very brave. Gary's come from good families and usually have proper up-bringing. Gary's always have money. Hard workers, wealthy. Gary's always win. Gary is cheap and will tell you he has no money after winning a million dollars the night before and make you pay for his meal. Gary's fight dirty and will pull down any obstacle or enemy. Don't make Gary mad, stay on his good side.Acts stupid on purpose so others think they have the upper hand but at last minute Gary flips the card table when you turn around and all the cards are on his side. Don't play cards with Gary. lucky in every way. Always gets what he wants. Strong body by nature. Others jealous if they knew how great he really has it. Gary is the black horse at the races that you weren't paying attention to but ultimately wins. Gary's are hung like horses also. Big brave balls. Control freak sometimes. Bossy. Spicy sex life, knows how to please. gets too many women pregnant. Gary is a cool cat to know. Women love Gary and see only his good personality traits. Men like Gary because he helps them get laid and covers for his buddies. In an emergency, Gary is the hero of the day. Gary bailed me out of jail once so now he's my friend for life. Gary lives in Chicago and eats pizza.
Gary Busey, Gary Cooper, Gary Sinese,
by MickeyMickeyursofine June 22, 2013
A good looking pair of tits.

Opposite of "Douglas's"
Person 1: " How come your'e not dating Melissa anymore?"
Person 2: "She has some pretty f*cked up teeth"
Person 1: "yeah but did you see those Garys?"
by Chateau Bob September 04, 2010
A person who originates from Gibraltar, who lives in a tree house with the apes under the big blue god. They can only speak Gibraltarian and do not know what pork is.
Lizzy: What's that up in the trees?
Sophia: Oh that's just a Gary.
by Canters December 02, 2011
The most awesome man alive, has no trouble walking down the hallway in boxer shorts. Legendary man you can't help but love.
He is such a Gary.
by HIMforever May 22, 2011
a slang term for extasy
1. got any garies la?
2. can u get gary?
by bleach42 October 27, 2007
A man who is "good people".
"Gary, you are good people."

"Sydney, ...... you're good people."

And then laughter. :D
by Kari Tam September 03, 2010
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