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Faggot. Musically talented. Flaming homosexual. Likes pink. Six foot blond who poses as an emo. Has a penis even a microscope cannot see. Tries but fails miserably.
Opposite of a womanizing, square jaw casanova. Enjoys kissing gay men. Comical, but with an elmo voice. Drives a big pick up truck to make up for his lack of penis. Says he can bench press 300 but can barely life a cotton swab. Has a farmers tan. Psycho Obsessive, creepy,stalkerish.
Person 1=Hey, look at that Garid
Person 2=How do you know it's a Garid?
Person 1=Is he making out with a guy?
Person 2=Yes.
Person 1=Then it's a Garid

Hey, quit being a Garid and stop staring into her window.
by torturequeen March 23, 2011