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To have sexual intercourse where the partner simply lays prone, thereby benefiting from the subject's work. Derived from Art Garfunkle's role in the the Simon & Garfunkle group. Synonyms include 'The Starfish'.
Dude, I thought this new yoga instructor I've been seeing would be great in bed, but she totally garfunkled me last night!
by payaso420 April 20, 2012
to have sex with a woman with such a profuse amount of pubic foliage that her nether regions look like the hairstyle of the musiciam garfunkle of simon and garfunkle
i garfunkled your mother last night
by pele December 15, 2003
Something/ anything "Whack", messed up, or stupid.
Teacher: "Students, there will be a 20 page essay due in two days."

Me: "Dawg, that's garfunkle."
by Tinted Windows August 08, 2012
To have sexual intercourse with someone.
"I garfunkled your mother last night"
by Trevor May 10, 2003
origin: garfunkle of Simon and Garfunkle.
similar to fuck. it has many definitions and can be used interchangeably. it can be used as a synonym for pissed, shit (or the past tense of shit: shat), cum (came). it can also be used as an interjection to express emotion, similar to FUCK YEAH!
-Katie was so awesome that i Garfunkled in amazement.

-Alex, and Drew were so scared from the horror movies they would scream GARFUNKLE! everytime something popped out.
by roflpastry July 23, 2009
A curly haired man who likes to sing with a short man about christianity, peace, and metaphors.
Garfunkle urged me to join my church...
by grape nut October 10, 2005