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Good, clean, raw Pakistani Hashish from the Northern Provinces. Usually not exported but rather consumed in Pakistan. The freshest garda is a real delicacy and one would be hard-pressed to find better Hashish.
Man, I love smoking Garda, such a clean high.
by Champion Charsi March 31, 2004
Irish police force.
Every single one is corrupt and backward.
A bunch of gansters and chickens who pick on small inocent people.
Call the garda i was robbed.
by mark ireland April 21, 2004
Armoured band of cunts in the Republic of Ireland, equivalent to pigs everywhere else. These baton-wielding yobs act much the same way as their sister organisations elsewhere, beating up foreigners and protesters and generally making the world a nastier place.

Like the IRA, they wear all black and cover their faces with masks (the riot squad do, anyway). Unlike the IRA, they don't even PRETEND to be fighting for liberation.
Garda stands for
by Andy May 01, 2004
Calm down
M8 you should GARDA!
by e$sexm8 October 14, 2015

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