Someone who thinks he's THE MAN. frequently screams "Babbbbyyyyyyy!!!!" in the hallway for no reason. Also, doesn't have a license or job and feeds off of his friends for rides and money. thinks he is the best at Call of Duty Black Ops and NHL. Obessessed over the rapper Lil Wayne (Weezy). thinks he's jacked, but really isn't. One vote for class intellect. Commonly uses phrases such as "Yeah me too", "koipsh", "the need???", "sircies".

person 1: Babbbyyyyy!!!!

person 2: don't be such a Garc


person 1: sircies im nasty at Black Ops. My KD is over 2.8 and you don't even wanna know how nasty i am at NHL.

person 2: Oh Yeah me too koipsh


person 1: yo lemme get a ride to the game.

person 2: Get ur license and a job you Garc!!

person 1: koipsh?
by TheThunderDome December 19, 2010

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