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in relation to an australian native, aka, aboriginal, abbo, abo, coon, bung, petrol sniffer, jungle bunny, rain dancer
doonga: can i have some change bro

whitey: dont talk to me u doonga, u smell like sour milk, and u dont have a home, and are u missing a thong

doonga: naa i stole a thong

whitey: well the only reason id go to ur garage sale is to get my stuff back u stupid doonga!!!!!!! how dare u even talk to me u flakey doonga go do some rain dance or someshit with ur didgy

(then whitey kicks the doonga in the teeth and spits on him)
#abbo #abo #coon #bung #boong #koorie
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a winter solstice holiday originally celebrated by tamil-sri lankan-americans in queens new york but now spread to tamil-sri lankans in greater toronto area, london, and etc., as well as friends and loved ones of tamil-sri lankans
amma: happy doongas, kunju!
me: happy doongas, amma!
amma: hey how did you learn about doongas anyway?
me: amma... i made it up like three years ago because appa didn't want to celebrate christmas and i did and it was a loophole
amma: ohh okay
by thovnov April 03, 2016
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