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The horrible and unedible eating facilities provided to Fitchburg State College Students.
Lets go to daka and then take a daka dump
by Cb November 16, 2004
A big ass.
Damn girl you got a big donkey. He Ha.
by CB February 03, 2003
Urinating after drinking booze because the feeling was too strong to hold back. After breaking The Seal urination comes almost every minute.
Damn dude I broke the seal, now I'm gonna be pissing all night.
by CB July 21, 2004
Super-high quality cannabis. A combination of Dr. Dre's "the Chronic" and a reference to the Mendocino area of Northern California, ("the Mendo"), the Chrondo refers to that sticky, sweet hippie lettuce Matt Jones knows and loves.
Dude, I was playing frisbee golf and this cop came around, so I threw the "Chrondo" into the pond. Then my damn dog retreived it and I got busted.
by CB February 16, 2005
synonym for off the hook or off the chain...like crazy insane!!
this website is off the hinges!!
by cb November 18, 2004
a food item, that is fed mostly to the homeless, where which a warm log of human feces is rolled in to a corn or flower tortia and then wrapped into a tacobell wrapper.
bum: will you give me a dollar?
u: no but i'll gladdly give you a shitaco.
by cb October 11, 2003
5 dollars for 10 cheeseburgers at McDonald's in downtown Griffin. Only available from 11pm to 4am. The best deal in the world.
"You guys up for a Sac O'Chee?"
by CB March 26, 2003
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