a type a of beer pong shot when you completely and totally miss the cup or general area you aimed for. many times you miss the table as well.
"OH MAN! i just shot a gallo, damn."
"i totally gallo-ed up that last shot."
by chrissssssy August 07, 2006
<Spanish> Chicken; Rooster
Actual Pronunciation : guy yo

Salsa that has large chuncks of pepers and vegitables is "Pico de Gallo".
by Alejandro Martinez July 31, 2003
A form of an internet smily, that has a goatee.
A Gallo can look like the following: :]-, or =]-, or :)-, or a =)-
by Cody Hosza December 03, 2008
A word used to describe one's elitest status. The word is a reference to the infamous mobster Joey Gallo who ran things in NYC in the 50's.
"yo, those sneakers look mad Gallo"

"we walked in the club like Gallo"
by forz November 03, 2004
One who is a ginger and a closet homosexual.
I'm so glad i wasent born a GALLO
by UN-NAME March 11, 2008
a day-walking ginger who is also a closet homosexual
I'm so glad i wasent born a gallo
by UN-NAME March 11, 2008
Giancarlo's evil nemesis, they battle with sameri swords while Eric Altano watches and wacks it.
Giancarlo: Gallo, Challenge me, Giancarlo, god amongst men!
Gallo: Fist Me!
Dan Fandino: I am sexually attracted to Fire....
by Ken Sluce May 10, 2004

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