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1. A town in Western Illinois
2. Once home to Maytag, Butler, and still the home of BNSF Railroad.
3. Struggling economy but an overall town many people like to call home.
4. Most people spend their high school life trying to get out of Galesburg only to find themselves one day returning to Galesburg Illinois. Go Silver Streaks!
Did you know that Carl Sandburg was born in Galesburg Illinois.
by nobody December 07, 2004
1. A PLACE, in Central/Western Illinois where Chicago rejects come to hang out and spread their diseases like AIDS, Herpes, etc. to Rednecks and low life's.

2. Nothing good has come out of Galesburg (Abraham Lincoln was here once but that is not good because he abolished slavery) except for Carl Sandburg: a semi-famous poet who wrote about things (for more info go to a real website other than wiki).

3. 1 in 4 females in their teens factually has an STD in the Galesburg area.

4. We have a 45% drop out rate.

5. Lake Story is pretty neat.

6. Bunker Links Golf Course is pretty cool.

7. Taco Bell is pretty neat.

8. We have a railroad (yay).

9. Did I mention over 50% of the population: doesn't have a job, pulls a well fair check, has 8 bastard children, unmarried, selfish, ignorant, and last but most importanly will never amount to anything other than a name on God's judgement tablet that we will all face one day.
Guy (from Chicago): "Hey, I'm going to Galesburg because I brought a gun, knife, and a pound of Cocaine to school because I have nappy hair, don't know my dad, and love green and moldy pussy."

Me: "Cheers man! Oh and btw, your adopted too."

Guy (from Chicago): 0_o
by The Hose Strokin Man April 23, 2011
A shitty town in michigan where you have a likely change of being greeted by a dead rigormortis racoon holding a wiskey bottle with a cardboard sign reading "Welcome to Galesburg" has a school system similar to Vicksburg.
"Lets race to my trailor"
by Underoath November 22, 2004

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