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A ho-dunk little town in southwest 10-15 minutes away from Portage. Nothing ever happens here. The football team has a reputation that is less than great and has won like 3 games in the last 3 years...a game a year is good right? The marching band is the shit though...You really have to find fun in this town because Clark Park isnt fun and either is any of the other shit so most kids either party or go into Portage which has more stuff to do. The kids here don't get into to much comparison to Portage kids, we mostly have drinkers and smokers and thats the worst of it. Oh and everybody knows everybody...which isnt bad I guess but it gets annoying when you go into felpausch and get stopped by like 6 people...a 5 minute trip gets turned into a half hour..
Where you you live?

In Vicksburg...

Where the fuck is that?

Like a few minutes away from sucks...just drive down sprinkle rd. and it shits you out right in vicksburg!

oh...thats a town?

no...its actually a village
by BestofTheWest August 22, 2008
A beautiful historic town in extreme west Mississippi.(It also has casinos)
We went to Vicksburg and played on the casino all night.
by DaveighLacrosse August 01, 2008
A city in west Mississippi. Actually located on the Mississippi River. People from Louisiana usually are seen in and around Vicksburg. There's a water park, a river view park, casinos, Wal-Mart, and Pemberton Square Mall, and alot more stuff in Vicksburg.
Cre: Bre, let's go to Vicksburg tonight.
Bre: a-aight.
by letsgoout October 18, 2008
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