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A shitty town in michigan where you have a likely change of being greeted by a dead rigormortis racoon holding a wiskey bottle with a cardboard sign reading "Welcome to Galesburg" has a school system similar to Vicksburg.
"Lets race to my trailor"
by Underoath November 22, 2004
A white trash guy. He enjoys hunting and most likely sports a mullet. His girlfriend is aptly named krystal. Aaron carter would fit this criteria. Jeeter is most likely to be seen in the trailor park, in the woods hunting, or in jail.
Jeeter celebrates his new STD.
by Underoath November 22, 2004
To have sex in a car...this can be messy and uncomfortable.
This stain is from last week's carlpibe.
by Underoath November 22, 2004
A Shitty Cell phone. One that wont get service unless you stick it out the window and touch the antenna to a metal pole.
Sorry, I didnt get your call...My phone is a fucking sedriote.
by Underoath November 22, 2004

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