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a name given to a god among men. he has so many abs of steel, that the common human cannot count them. some say that when he sings, he takes the shape of a unicorn. he is desired by every woman, especially ones with unusually small breasts.
Guy: Gage, dude, why do date that small breasted girl?

Gage: I don't know. Let's count my abs.
by smallchest October 24, 2010
184 96
A Gage is a person who is a sex machine ;) Someone who pulls in the babes, and makes sure they leave wobbling. There is only one type of Gage. A popular, athletic, pussy magnet of a love machine. A Gage's dick is so big, it is more then likely known as a cockzilla.
Guy 1: Hey have you seen Liz today?
Guy 2: No, why?
Guy 3: She is walking like a penguin, gage must've gotten a hold of her.
Guy 4: Good luck to her.
by mickshay November 04, 2010
169 91
a sexy bad-ass
he is a gage
by thegage July 18, 2011
146 71
A very very nice guy, who is insanely sexy and funny.

Treats his girlfriend like royalty. So so perfect. Gage is the most sexy, funny, atheltic, and nice guy you will ever meet
Wow, that guy right there is really sexy!!
Huh, must be a Gage
by Lawlypop February 02, 2012
20 4

A well-rounded fellow who has tremendous humor and a loving heart. He has beautiful blue eyes, a handsome face, and a really sexy body. He helps people, and doesn't talk to people he doesn't know or like the presence of. He knows how to love his girlfriend, and together they make a perfect pair. He hates sluts and bitches but has respect for older music. This Pop shit is bullshit to him. He likes Studio Ghibli and adores his cats Gregory and Joey. He hates stupid people who can't drive, and doesn't enjoy loud bitches. He makes an exceptional boyfriend.

Consider yourself very lucky to have a Gage as a friend or even boyfriend. He has your back and knows how to successfully escape cops in GTA using a SWAT Truck obtaining at least a 4 star wanted level. In real life he always has his Glock to solve any problems in the way, and is amaing at whatever he does.

So I tried to make a really sweet loving only post about Gage, and didnt get published so let's try this shit again and get published, bitch.
"Do you know Gage?"
"No I sure wish I did though. I know Nathan."
by Labbitus equus June 09, 2013
8 2
To cause, or by affect cause an unforeseen (usually destructive) outcome.
Ben bumped into Dain, causing Dain to knock over a beer on the table. "You gaged that beer!"
by Harlock October 17, 2012
10 4
To steal.
"He gaged my watch!"
by Sophie January 30, 2004
157 155