any guy that goes out with the same girl for more than 3 times in a row. and if they're an even bigger gage, they'll go out with their ex-gf's good friend to make them mad or jealous.
girl1: that guy is such a gage!
girl 2: yeah, i know, he went out with you and now he's going out with ur friend!how rude
by pipper March 02, 2005
a really loud, obnoxious, girly, giggly laugh.
"That guy has a gage!"
by Darlinie February 27, 2009
When someone is gageing something, they have had a peircing and are stretching it out, so they can put a screw or something through it.
wow, look at emma, she totally gaged her ear.
by macabre_meagan May 01, 2006
a gay homo who trys to be cool but ends up to be gay
if you come on to a guy u are a gage
by max159 June 28, 2007
A Flipping Flaming Queer. We made it up at CKJH and it has taken the world by storm.
That's kid's such a gage.
Dude! you just touched me in the gage.
by Jesus March 15, 2005

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