A guy who fucks with your mind. Doesn't care about anyone else's feelings, or who he hurts. Very self centered. Dont leave him with a camera. Super selffie taker. Likes to be complemented and loves talking about him self. Loves to show off. Doesn't appologize, and is very much scared of the truth. Fat.
Bettie: can you please hold my camera for me

Gage: sure
Bettie gets phone back
Bettie: hey! Why is my phone fall of selffies! Ew.
by Funny. October 18, 2011
One who always ditches out on social events (such as parties or hanging out with girls) and would rather spend their time playing video games in their room or beating off in the dark.
That bitch totally wanted your balls, but you were being such a gage that you pussied out!
by Durp Narf Durp May 29, 2011
a person with a small penis that you couldnt find even with a microscope
did you see his penis?
no he is a gage
by kliljjjjj July 18, 2011
A guy who is a DICK! Someone who is a bad liar, two-faced, and can sometimes act like a chick; he either pretends to be gay with his "best friend" or actually talks like a chick. A guy who is an idiot and dates his ex-girlfriends or their friends. He is the guy in the group that no one likes. AKA a douche bag.
1. Sara:That guy over there stopped talking to me because I wouldn't give him a blow job.
Jen:What a Gage.

2. Something a Gage would say: Do these jeans make me look fat?
by true stories January 01, 2011
a fucking fag u has a 1 inch penis and doesnt get anygirls
hey look at gage's tiny dick
by nobody410 December 06, 2010
self-absorbed, athletic, and makes a really weird fish face, I'm guessing he's very happy now
hey do you see the fish?


Oh wait no its just gage
by Jojo-happy NOW??????? March 14, 2010
a peroson who thinks he is cool but everyone just wants to go away
"hey you see that kid over there" "yea" "he thinks he`s so cool but he`s really just a gage"
by YouDontNeedToKnowMe1 April 16, 2010
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