Gage is my boyfreind a gage is loyal trustworthy your best freind sticks by your side when times get rough never lets go always happy even when people are rude towards him protective handsome has deep green eyes and sandy colored hair freckles and hes 6'2 a gage is like a gigantic teddy bear that never stops loving you:) you truley need to meet a gage
me-hey what is th
gage-a gigantic teddy bear
by bellbell July 02, 2012
More commonly known as Paco due to the fact that he/she turns into a Mexican during the summer months.
Hola, Gage, damn you look like a mexican. I shall call you Paco and you shall be my Paco!
by slightly raciest January 02, 2011
someone who is up them selves and is a faggot asks girls for sex and if they dont give it to him they are out of his live. Always pops up to Jess.
Gage asks Christina for head
Christina says yeah!!
But doesnt get it
by jackie 221111 August 21, 2013
A guy with amazing blue eyes but a cold heart. He will lead every girl on and all he wants to do is hook up with fake blonde chicks. Usually thinks he's more athletic than he really is. Dark hair, blue eyes, and polos basically describes a "gage" he acts like a "lax bro" but has never touched a lax stick in his life. A geniunly good friend, until you get to close. Expands his empire of weed thinking that invites him into the "chill kids community". A Gage may also think he is musically talented by listening to Dubstep and the crappy kind. Usually from the south and hates country and southerners. A gage also likes to creep on younger girls. Never fall in love with a gage...
Example 1:
Girl 1 : OMG, gage is so hot. I really like him.
Girl 2: Gage is a jerk, trust me. He told me he liked me then dated some little girl.
Girl 1: Aw no, his eyes are so pretty though, I thought he liked me.
Girl 3: Trust girl 1, he did the same thing with me.

Example 2:
Laxbro 1: Yo, why does gage think he has polo swag like us?
Laxbro 2: Dunno man, dunno.

Example 3:
Gage: Hey, so i really like you but lets date once school starts.
Girl 1: Okay! *thinks*(aw hes so sweet)
1 week later
Gage: Hey..uhm i like that blonde chick i met at the game
Girl 1: wait...whats her name?
Gage: Hm....good question....
by purplesparklesintheair42 January 05, 2012
An insensitive jerk who will lead you on but never really cares about you.
Selfish, annoying, deceiving, a player.
He acts like he loves you so he can find out how to mess with your head, that way he can get you to love him whenever he's single.
girl 1: Guess what, I'm dating Gage!
girl 2: He just dumped me yesterday, how did he move on already?
girl 3: That's just how he is. Gage loves playing with girls' hearts.
by i hate gage July 13, 2011
a well known super faggot who knows that he loves the cock in and around his ass and sticks objects up his ass 4 enjoyment
by gage loves the cock November 22, 2011
A guy who fucks with your mind. Doesn't care about anyone else's feelings, or who he hurts. Very self centered. Dont leave him with a camera. Super selffie taker. Likes to be complemented and loves talking about him self. Loves to show off. Doesn't appologize, and is very much scared of the truth. Fat.
Bettie: can you please hold my camera for me

Gage: sure
Bettie gets phone back
Bettie: hey! Why is my phone fall of selffies! Ew.
by Funny. October 18, 2011

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