The best girl in the world.She is my life. I love her soo much. <3 I hope she never leaves me. =]
Gabrielle is amazing.
#gabrielle #best #ever #girl #amazing
by emoneybaby March 25, 2009
a keeper.
She's definitely a Gabrielle
#keeper #gabriel #rolling pin #crazy #loser
by Badass Bitchh February 14, 2010
A modest girl that loves someone with all her heart and just wants to be loved herself.
That Gabrielle really loves her friends and family.
#gabriella #gabby #gabriel #love #modest
by May 29, 2011
She is most likely solid in what she does. She is smart,by book or by experience, and is a great person to talk to. A Gabrielle does not take crap from others. And she is quick with a comeback on almost every occasion. A Gabrielle is open to a range of food and activities, and has a wide range of friendships and relationships. A Gabrielle is a great to have as a friend, but terrible to have as an enemy.
Who's the new girl?
-She's a Gabrielle
#friend #solid #smart #comeback #talk
by PeoplePerson22 July 25, 2011
short, sweet, kind, beautiful, sexy. she tends to be a really good and loyal friend. also a good dancer, and has a bright personality and can be very funny. very intelligent and a pretty smile.
Gabrielle is so beautiful. I am glad she is such a loyal friend.
#beautiful #sweet #intelligent #short #funny
by D-money62 May 19, 2011
Basically, one of the coolest person ever put on the Earth. 'Nuff said. But, if you want details, other words that define her: Awesome, amazing, astonishing, breathtaking, fantastic, gorgeous, magnificent, spectacular, stunning, thrilling wonderous, ect.
Dude, you know what's cooler than ice?
No, what?
A Gabrielle!!
#gabrielle #coolest #awesome #amazing #astonishing
by treehugger08 November 28, 2011
She is kind, yet strong. She is sensitive she is hurt by people ,but instintly forgives them. She falls in love hard and gives it her all when she does.She can crack jokes to break silence ,but know when to be serious. She loves everyone and can care for you she is the best kind of person.
Gabrielle loves
#kind #sensitive #instintly #loves #hurt
by Clary Fairchild123 January 22, 2014
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