Gabrielle is one of the best girls you will ever meet. She is beautiful, funny, oftenly born with brown hair, shy, and dirty minded! If you ever have a chance to date this girl, you best be extremely careful because every Gabrielle has atleast one friend who will kick your ass if you hurt her!
Ex bf: Pfft! come on Gabrielle, your so childish!
by YOLOHarryStyles May 21, 2014
She's an angel sent down to earth by God himself. An honest friend, a strong lover, a friendly stranger. We need more people like Gabrielle in the world. If you have one in your life, hold onto it. You'll never find a person like her again.
Man, she is such a Gabrielle! Look at her twerk!
by Neeeek November 24, 2013
An amazing girl! Very smart! A Gabrielle is always tough and strong! She is a good leader and always there for her friends. She is sometimes a bit rude. A Gabrielle will always keep you on the move!

G- Good Girl
A- Awesome
B- Bratty Sometimes
B- Bossy
R- Radiant
I- Intelligent
E- Excellent
L- Leader
L- Lovey
E- Eeepp
If you don't got one, get a Gabrielle.
Gabrielle, Name, Leader
by Baileygirl28291998 May 01, 2012
Can be a bitch, but is nice in serious times. Awkward in sad situations, but is funny and emotional, and cares deeply about her friends. Don't piss her off, she's vicious when angry, and will kick your ass. Generally has brown hair and brown eyes. She is good to talk to because she listens even when you think she isn't, and gives great advice, although she rarely listens to her own advice. May seem like an open book, but has a lot of secrets that she only tells her closest friends. She isn't very trusting, and can be shy at first. Once you get to know her, she becomes obnoxious, but in a lovable way. Trustworthy, and loyal, she is a great friend and will never betray you.
Who is that girl? She seems shy.

Oh, that's Gabrielle, she's actually pretty loud.
by lashtonlovechild January 22, 2015
Smart, funny and sexy.
Dude 1: look at her!
Dude 2: yea she like a Gabrielle!
Dude 1: totally
by catswerehere November 05, 2012
Sex Goddess
Female form of Angel Gabriel
Most Beautiful and Charming girl
The girl of which all males love
Typically has brown hair and brown eyes
hard not to love
Guy 1:"I just had sex with that girl last night, but she never told me her name. She's irresistible."

Guy 2: "That's Gabrielle. I had sex with her this morning."

Guy 3: "She's my girlfriend."
by Anders-or-not-here-I-cum March 04, 2012
A sweet and loyal person. She'll always be there for you, no matter what. Once you've found your own Gabrielle, it is hard to live without her. Try to go a couple days without talking to her, and you'll find yourself miserable. She always cheers you up, no matter how crappy your day has been.

However, don't ever try to hurt Gabrielle. She's a strong person. She won't get sad. In fact, she might even get a little angry. Revenge may come anytime soon, so be prepared.
I definitely recommend getting a Gabrielle as soon as possible. I believe there still are a few units left on eBay. And, if you're lucky enough, you'll get free shipping!
Gabrielle is afraid of spiders.
by i-love-froyo May 21, 2016
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