She happens to be a sassy, fun and loving person. Shes the perfect mother, wife and best friend. She is reliable and will no matter what the situation is.
Hey Gabby, Thanks for your help. Im feeling better now. *kiss goodbye*
by sasquatch343 December 13, 2010
Hot, amazing and super nice, and funny
I love her dearly and she is amazing no matter what
And you have a huge crush on her
"Do you like her?" - Guy 1
"Duh, she's a total Gabby?" - Guy 2
by AaronEdwardzzzz February 01, 2011
comes from the greek meaing messenger. mhaving fun,enjoyment,bitching out sometimes.may also mean punkish
I am having a gabby moment.
by Gabriella February 27, 2005
She's self conscious about herself at times. She's an amazing athlete and has boys lined up for her. She's really pretty but thinks she's not. She's friends with the guys and the girls and has tons of inside jokes. She has THE MOST blonde moments ever. Classy not trashy. She's short but acts like she's 8 feet tall. the most sarcastic person ever. But she's a great friend and she's always there for you. she is the most awesome person you'll ever meet.
"You're the coolest ever"
gabby- "def"
"hey i love twilight. best movie ever"
gabby- "i didn't ask"
"hey i got a new phone!!"
gabby- "awesome?"
by freshasamofo November 24, 2011
She's everything a guy wants in a girl. She's the girl you will take home and introduce her to your parents, because of her sweetness, intelligence, and her very beauty. She's also the girl you show off to your friends, because of her sexiness, laid back personality, and her super hot ass that will always turn you on. But her inner sexiness is always saved for the guy she's dating. If you have one, don't let her go.
You: Hey mom and dad, this is my girlfriend Gabby.

Parents: wow, shes lovely

You: guys check out my girlfriend Gabby.

Girls: she's so pretty i wish i could be like her

Guy friends: Shes sexy, I wish i could have her, look at that ass it is HOT.

Me: i would so tap that
by theclashfan March 24, 2013
A girl with a big heart who has a sense of humor
A girl that's pretty but doesn't know it someone that
Some one who is kind,funny,fun loving,and crazy
Your lucky that she is a gabby
Wow look at her she's a gabby
by understood12 February 07, 2013
A person (who usually is a girl) who often talks too much, causes drama, or acts bitchy. Sometimes (more often then less) it means a person who displays all three of the adjectives.
Don't be a Gabby; You're such a Gabby!
by summerlovexoxo December 18, 2005
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