Totally smoking hot girl who is too cool for her own good. Often called a whore by uninformed, actual whores. Awesome chick, mos def.
"Gabby's such a whore."
"No you are."
by 54M October 13, 2007
One HOT piece of ass!!
Guy1: "Did you see Gabby tonight?"
Guy2: "Yeah, she looked DAMN fine!"
by #1Shitter November 09, 2009
Gabby- gorgeous, amazing, beautiful, and loves you! l0l
Man I Wish I Wish I Went Out With Gabby!
by iFriqqenLoveeYouh! February 14, 2010
A crazy bitch on the inside, but totally the kind of girl you can bring home to mommy. A Gabby appears to be so innocent to the world but truly has a dark side. She's very loyal, but speaks her mind! Even if you don't wanna hear it. This girl is a lady in the street but a nasty whore in the sheets!(:
Damn, Gabby fucked my brains out, and my momma thinks shes an angel. Gotta keep this one around.
by ClackamasBitchUpInHereHOLAA June 20, 2010
the name of the most amazing person ever! she is shy when you meet her but has a wild side later and when she gets hyper on coffee then you cannot keep her still! she is a good listener and seems to have tips for everything. Gabby also a smart person and has an artistic side! she always can help you in class and help you study.
Wow that Gabby is Crazy
Yeah But I love her anyway!
by ninjadrewzers:) January 02, 2011
A girl that a guy would break up with his long-distance girlfriend for.
"Kirk must've found a Gabby."
by WinniePanter November 10, 2008
Means talkative, witty, and beast. Best at anything
1: ' Wow that was a real Gabby '
2: ' I know they're really beast '
by awesomebeastever January 18, 2010
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