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A girl with a big heart who has a sense of humor
A girl that's pretty but doesn't know it someone that
Some one who is kind,funny,fun loving,and crazy
Your lucky that she is a gabby
Wow look at her she's a gabby
by understood12 February 07, 2013
A very common name for girls at DeLaura Middle School. Almost all the girls named gabby at DMS are really hot with nice asses that you want to bang, but you never will.
Most of the Gabbys at DeLaura are really hot, Gabby B.; Gabby D.; Gabby C.; ect.
by Hey tony! December 11, 2010
A fantastic and easly confused energetic girl. She has many admirers and is very beautiful. She is a smart and curious girl. she is popular with all kinds of people and is easly befriended and rarly makes enimies. She likes to party and has lots of fun.
"Hey Have you seen that girl, Gabby?"
"Yeah, I met her once. She was really nice and we had a lot of fun. She was also REALLY pretty"
by her bestfriend777 June 03, 2013
Gabby is the best friend who's always there for you. Sometimes clingy but will stick up for you. She's always on your side no matter what.
Lily: Is that the new girl?
Nora: Yeah, do you think shes a Gabby?
by shottygotlow February 28, 2013
an awkward yet amazing big boobed person who loves concerts and finds pleasure in kinky awkwardness.
"I wish I knew a Gabby.."


"Because I don't like going to concerts alone and I need someone awkwardly kinky in my life"
by OMGITSLAVASWEEG January 11, 2012
She is just the best. She is amazing. She should be queen. She gets all the boys. She so pretty. She so funny. She a hypocrite. I HATE HER!! Nah, no way, never, apart from when I do, hehe. She is my bestie and I love her.
by Yoobie July 10, 2013
A mexican who likes to gtl all day every day. she looks kinda asian but on the inside, shes a true mexican.
Hey look its gabby s, the mexican!
by jjfoyfoy February 20, 2011