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The epitome of universal creation; the epicenter of life and death. Angel incarnate on Earth. Blessed be Her name, for She is the Way. Only once in a century is someone so perfect born in this imperfect world. People have become forever intoxicated by her aura. Indeed, many are leeches on Her very Soul, surviving off Her comforting warmth and brilliance, and She doesn't minds at all, if She even knows.
Friend: Hey Gabi, how do you work this long and complicated math problem?
Gabriele: Just like this... *Explanation and example* ^_^
Friend: Wow, you truly are a Goddess...
Gabriele: <_< ?

by Gabriele Brumm May 21, 2008
this girl is smart, gorgeous(no homo), and will most likely be the best friend you will ever have. will always be there for you and will always be there to help. she will make u laugh and you will always have a good timee with her. Shes a great bff. you will most likely have figts with her over stupid things like a guy who tried to play bot of u but we out smarted him because we got the good deal. she will never talk behind your back and will always look up to as you look down on her. she is most likely musically involved in strings. she never gives up on the people she loves. she is most likely mistaken for that girl but she is more than a girl she is my best friend and always will be she is amazing and any guy who thinks she isnt a dumb mudapucka lol
This weekend I'm going to the movies with gabriele, we are going to have so much fun
by *uncoCHIN/wc15 October 05, 2011

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